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A Cupcake Surprise: Mama Bear’s Bunch by Amy Beth Blaylock (Author), Nicolas Milano (Illustrator)

Heartwarming and deliciously readable…

Blaylock debuts with this scrumptiously engaging story about food allergy, friendship, and adventure. Jax, Tuggles, Boom Boom, and Lola are content being the best buddies and have fun playing outdoors all day. Jax’s birthday is arriving and Mama bear is throwing a party. But Tuggles is not too thrilled. The reason—he has a food allergy. Scared of being left out, he would rather stay away. But Mama bear has a solution. Blaylock’s prose is accessible, and she beautifully and precisely conveys Tuggles’ existing feelings of embarrassment and possible loneliness. A spirit of adventure runs throughout the book, with the friends exploring outdoors, tempting the young readers to discover the wild in their own environments. Along the way, Blaylock shows how conversations can help a person navigate circumstances outside their control. Nicolas Milano’s visually engaging wild outdoors in layered illustrations is populated with attractive textures and cozy details. Warm and encouraging, this delightful tale of friendship, connection, and adventure is a perfect treat for young children struggling with food allergies.

A Cupcake Surprise

Mama Bear’s Bunch

By Amy Beth Blaylock (Author), Nicolas Milano (Illustrator)

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Pub date February 12, 2021                                                

ISBN 978-0578752716

Price $12.99 (USD) paperback, $10.01 Kindle edition

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