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The Salsa King of Scarsdale by Ben Fine

A well-crafted, poignant examination of love, relationships, and self-discovery…

Fine delves into the complexities of midlife crisis and identity in this engrossing tale. The middle aged, married father of two, Ira Brodsky is content running his highly successful OB practice with two other doctors. Other than occasional sexual fantasies about his young, beautiful patients, Ira is doing good. But when the lovely Inez, the new X-ray technician, enters Ira’s life, his life turns upside down. Soon the couple begin a passionate, sexual relationship. But Inez, the single mother of a thirteen-year-old, soon realizes she wants more than a fling and ends the relationship. But Ira wants Inez at any cost and to get her he would go to any length even if it means learning salsa. As Ira and Inez’s paths converge, Fine plunges readers into a conceited world of lies and infidelity. The crisp prose and finely sketched worldbuilding unite to create a realistic image of an atypical middle-aged man seeking comfort outside his home. Various believable twists put a new spin on the story while the realistic depiction of Ira’s married life adds to the intrigue. The way Ira’s relationship with Inez plays out in the end, is slowly teased as the narrative builds to an unexpected ending. Fine’s descriptions of Ira’s work culture are authentic, and the immersive prose keeps the readers turning pages. The fine combination of a perfectly paced narrative, familiar and yet imaginative premise, and entertaining storyteller makes for a delightful reading experience.

The Salsa King of Scarsdale

By Ben Fine

Hancock Press

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Pub date April 22, 2020

ISBN 978-1948000697

Price $14.99 (USD) Paperback, $19.99 hardcover

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