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the sunflower project by unLYSHed

Sincere and candid…

Reflecting on love, loss, betrayal, grief, healing, and acceptance, unLYSHed chronicles the various phases of life in a series of deeply felt poems in her impressive debut. Ranging in emotions, the poems cover different stages of life—sowing, withering, budding, and unLYSHing. Beginning with emotions of loss and betrayal (“i waited for you/ the same way an abandoned child waits for an absent parent/ with hope/ without a doubt/ for years”), the collection veers into hope and processing of grief (“i am neither victim nor culprit/ just blooming”), and eventually recovery (“i used to be prisoner/ today i am freed/ i am unLYSHed”). The beautifully drawn illustrations add to the poignancy of the emotions expressed in the poems that feel familiar, yet honest and original. The self as the protagonist exists as the observed throughout the collection, coming across as real and inspiring, every bit the person who can encourage change in others. Admirers of compelling life poetry will treasure this assemblage.

the sunflower project

By unLYSHed

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Pub date May 8, 2020

ISBN 978-0578686912

Price $16.49 (USD) Paperback

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