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Shifting Stars: The Salvation of Tempestria Book 1 by Gary Stringer

Intricate and convincing magical tale…

Stringer blends hard science and fantastical magic in his multifaceted latest. Centuries-old and immortal, Arshes Megane, daughter of a half-Faery and a powerful druid Catronia and a shadow warrior father Daelen, is able to manipulate time if the need arises. When a malevolent monster from her mother’s past resurfaces, threatening to destroy the world, Arshes must send her aunt Mandalee back in time to fetch her father from the past. The story begins on a promising note, and despite some drifting, scattered worldbuilding and slack plotting that occasionally undercuts the complex story, Stringer delivers a vividly imagined tale spiced with evocative language and fascinating magic. Stringer’s lyrical prose turns Catronia’s quest to find the Book of Shining Stars into a fresh adventure marked with danger, chaos, sinister monsters, demon hunters, an endearing friendship, and unforeseen narrative twists. Readers will delight in Stringer’s interpretations of traditional fae theme along with flawless infusion of hard science into the old-fashioned magic story. 

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Shifting Stars

By Gary Stringer

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Pub date December 3, 2020


Price $2.70 (USD) Kindle edition, $6.79 Paperback

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