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The Century’s Scribe (A Fantastic Decade #1) by Brendan Walsh

Fast-paced and explosively action-packed… An immersive read.

The breakneck pacing of a time-travel adventure is infused with the fantastical elements of a fantasy and literary fineness of a coming-of-age story in Walsh’s extraordinary series kicker about a group of friends who accidently get transported to an alternate world. Life for all the humans and avehos, the flightless, humanoid birds, in Kroonsaed is difficult. With the bright, enigmatic sea of gas, the Sunitian Sea, gradually expanding, life and resources in the town are diminishing at an alarming rate. Three university students and best friends, Dreden Sharpstand, Chanin, and Gerrika the aveho, have nothing much to do other than hanging out together, but the things change when a group of mysterious strangers attack them and vanish in the depth of the Sunitian Sea. Their search for the attackers gets them transported to an alternate world, to a city called Brunswald, where technology exists centuries ahead of their time. The dreary setting of the town of Kroonsaed against the vibrant backdrop of the bright green Sunitian Sea is authentic, and the advanced city of Brunswald and Minkompa’s world of underground caves are enchanting. Walsh’s love of books and reading is apparent on the pages: there are magnificent libraries and protagonists who love books more than anything. The characters’ individual struggles are believable complex, and both humans and aveho are portrayed with equal realism and seem indisputable part of a real world. The swiftly paced, affecting narrative is full of political intrigue, human drama, and philosophical insights, and the cliffhanger finale leaves readers eager to get their hands on the second installment. Filled with intrigue, insight, and magical science, the novel will enchant readers of fantasy, SF, and literary fiction alike.  

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

The Century’s Scribe

(A Fantastic Decade #1)

By Brendan Walsh

Black Rose Writing

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Pub date August 27, 2020


Price $3.12 (USD) Kindle edition,

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