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Measures by B. L. Bruce

Luminous and piercing…

Lyrical and reflective, award-winning Bruce’s latest, a collection of poems, micropoetry, and American haiku, offers a litany of ruminations on nature, love, and self. “Full Moon at Albion River” is a meditation on the wonders of nature. With her knack for creating intricate emotional textures, Bruce infuses mourning and grief with tangible chaos of today’s pandemic-ridden, calamitous world in “Locust,” as she visualizes the bleak space that remains after the death of a beloved: “In the days after/ you took your own life/ it rained without end/ as though, too, / the world mourned. / And it did. / The floodwater rose, / and the earth was being buried/ under feet and feet of water, / and then it was burning.” Bruce’s sharp observations makes “Rhythm” intimate and arresting.  She finds courage, wonder, wisdom, and cheer in nature in “Channel,” “North” and “Alpine Poems.” Readers seeking meditations on nature, life, love, and spiritual renewal won’t be able to put this perceptive, deeply engrossing read. This is a winner.


By B. L. Bruce

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Black Swift Press

Pub date February 25, 2021

ISBN 978-1-7357074-0-2

Note: The review was initially published on our website on February 10, 2021

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