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The Maggie Dunn Books (3 book series) by Deborah Court

A stellar mystery series… A joy to discover.

Traditional mystery fans can look forward to a captivating subtle mystery plot full of understandings of human nature and excellent characterization in Court’s excellent series. Filled with unexpected insights, the terrific first book begins with an unfortunate incident where a group of people fall gravely ill after a noxious chemical fog blankets Toronto. The middle-aged Jane is the only survivor. She wakes up in the hospital with her memory gone. Soon, unexplained transformations begin in her body, making her 30 years younger. When a geneticist sets his eyes on Jane as his scientific specimen, Jane knows she must flee the hospital and the city and begin afresh somewhere else. Insightful, well-plotted second installment see Jane fleeing Canada as Maggi Dunn to find refuge in the Isle of Skye in Scotland. Still coming to terms with the multiple physical and emotional traumas of her past, Maggie once again finds her life unraveling after a violent and mysterious death puts her in the path of the ingenious Scottish Detective Inspector Jack Wallace. Maggi returns to Canada, leaving the Isle of Skye behind in the final installment. Accompanied by the feisty Alison, who is trying to leave her own past behind, Maggie is determined to reclaim her identity. Wolfe Corbyn, a young bank accountant from Britain, is looking to start afresh after being forced to relocate from his father’s bank in UK. The three begin their new journey, but Maggie’s sudden disappearance turns life upside down for Alison and Wolfe. As they dig deeper, a sinister plan of a madman comes to surface. Maggi, with her vulnerability, resilience, and compassion is heartbreakingly real. Richard is a true gentleman. The feisty Alison’s Scottish rudeness is so endearing, readers wouldn’t help but fall in love with her delinquencies. Wolfe is an absolute darling, naïve and boyish in his perusal of Alison. Their sweet bond with Maggie and their individual artistic ambitions fills the reader with a sense of warmth and belonginess. Seamless, crisp prose adeptly reveals the characters’ flaws, dreams, desires, as well as fears and insecurities. Relentless twists and shocking revelations keep the tension ripe, and apt clues lead to a satisfying solution to the major conflict in the story in each of the installment. Maggi’s struggle to reclaim her identity unfolds with subtlety. Several secondary plots come to a satisfactory close. Court beautifully balances individual courage and perseverance with heartbreaking choices and greed for fame and wealth. This intricate series deals with complex themes of friendship, family, kindness, lust for money and recognition, self-discovery, identity issues, and the necessity of pursuing one’s passion despite the circumstance. The series will stay with readers long after the pages are closed.

The Maggie Dunn Books

(3 book series)

By Deborah Court

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Summer’s Lie (The Maggie Dunn Books Book 1)

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When Bodies Fall (The Maggie Dunn Books Book 2)

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The Reason for Time (The Maggie Dunn Books Book 3)

Price $3.96 Kindle edition, $12.00 Paerback

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