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Arizona Awakening: A Memoir of Romance, Race, and Redemption by Richard C Lin

Eloquent, adroitly written, and candid personal story of love and identity…

In this hard-to-put-down memoir, Lin delivers a revealing account of his experiences as an American born to Chinese immigrant parents. As an immigrant in America from Taiwan, Lin’s father relied on hard work and perseverance to succeed, but lost his ability to enjoy smaller things in life in the process. If the stifled atmosphere at home under his father’s strict discipline and mother’s watchful eyes was not enough, Lin had to tolerate his schoolmates’ racial taunts outside. The captivating new girl in town, Lesley, steps in Lin’s life like a breath of fresh air. The pair embarks on a journey of tender love. But is she here to stay? In remarkable detail, Lin recounts his experience of first love, his navigation of the ups and downs of his teenage life, and his struggles with his Chinese roots and identity. There are occasional pitched battles involving kung fu pyrotechnics, swashbuckling swordplay, and blazing guns. Along the way, he touches on intricate family dynamics, including his father’s difficult, controlling nature, his old-fashioned parenting ways, and his parents’ constant fights, but the book’s greatest strength is the nuanced, poignant portrayal of Lin’s relationship with Lesley and deeply realized secondary characters. A seamless blend of sharp insights and skillful prose, the book paints an extraordinarily vivid picture of a teenager’s coming-of-age journey. Lovers of literary fiction will find much to admire in this intimate, immersive personal narrative.

Note: This review is for an unpublished manuscript.     

Arizona Awakening

A Memoir of Romance, Race, and Redemption

By Richard C Lin  

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3 thoughts on “Arizona Awakening: A Memoir of Romance, Race, and Redemption by Richard C Lin

  1. Sounds like a cathartic writing experience & explains why you are such a terrific father. I look forward to reading your very personal book.

  2. It was indeed, Jane. It will be a while before it is published, but meanwhile, you can check out some excerpts already out or appearing soon in leading literary journals by linking to them via my website at

    Thanks so much and wish you well!

  3. It is the most beautiful & heartwarming memoir that I have read. It brought so many wonderful and sweet memories of raising my son & daughter in Arizona during 80’s! I am a very proud mom of two very brilliant and wonderful children!

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