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Broken Revelations: Horsemen Rising by Albert Scott

A thrilling start to a promising series…

Inventively mixing mystery and intrigue, Scott’s debut installment in the Broken Revelations series takes readers to an intriguing world of angels, demons, fallen angels, and Pegan gods. Adrian Gray is just an ordinary guy content living an average boring life. But an unexpected encounter with a mysterious woman turns his life upside down as Adrien learns he is one of the four Nephal, born wielding power of both heaven and hell and heralds and defenders of God’s kingdom against Pegan gods. With a renegade angel plotting to free the Pegan gods, Adrien must unite with the other Nephal and save the world from destruction.  Scott skillfully constructs Adrien’s awakening to long-dormant power and his coming to terms with his new identity, setting the stage for later books. The worldbuilding is fitting and the labyrinthine plot constructed with skill and precision. The intriguing storyline and characters’ fun banter enchant. Adrien’s relationship with Matekai and Iku is well-realized, and themes of identity, lust for power, and revenge are woven smoothly into the exciting narrative. This urban fantasy is a hoot.

Broken Revelations: Horsemen Rising

By Albert Scott

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Pub date February 23, 2019


Price $1.03 (USD) Kindle edition, $8.25 Paperback

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