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No Birds Sing Here by Daniel V. Jr. Meier

A deeply poignant, engaging read…

Meier offers fascinating glimpse into the journey of two young people struggling to find meaning and reality in their artistic life in this moving tale. Instead of joining his wealthy father’s law firm, the young and rebellious, Beckman, an aspiring novelist, is trying to make end meets working as a dishwasher in a dingy eat-out. But when his path crosses with Malany, a struggling poetess, he realizes he has found a purpose in life. Meier’s prose is lively and absorbing, and his lyrical narrative evokes his protagonists’ desperation and sorrow, as well as their determination to survive. Throughout, his observations of the literary world are conveyed with precise clarity: he skillfully captures the duo’s bleak despair and then slowly, cautiously, traces their fledgling attempts to find some sort of success in their artistic lives. Beckman and Malany dominate the narrative, but even secondary characters emerge fully formed. Lovers of literary fiction and women’s fiction will be greatly rewarded.

No Birds Sing Here

By Daniel V. Jr. Meier

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ISBN 978-1945448959

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