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Book blurb: Fully Alive: Using Your Individuality to Conquer Addiction by Michael J. Surdyka

Michael J. Surdyka incorporates his expertise and insights in this unique guide written especially for those of us who find the issue of lifelong sobriety an eluding one.

With revealing real-life insights, self-tests with self-diagnosing worksheets, and a revolutionary recovery tool, The Sobriety Blueprint, Fully Alive is a simple, upfront map of the eluding, disconcerting world of recovery that will chart your path to a lifetime of healing, hope, and contentment while providing transformative insights into how using your own individuality to conquer addiction is the key to recovery.

With precision, insights, and an excellent blend of science and storytelling, Fully Alive will open the door to the life of freedom you have been waiting for.

Fully Alive

Using Your Individuality to Conquer Addiction

By Michael J. Surdyka

Pub date February 1, 2021


Price $4.96 (USD) Kindle edition

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