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Summer’s Lie (Maggie Dunn Books) by Deborah Court

A rich multi-layered mystery…

Court’s outstanding series kicker in the Maggi Dunn series tells the story of one woman who after a tragic accident wakes up in a hospital with no memory of her past and faces an uncertain future after an unexplained genetic modification sets the process of age reversal in her body. After a lethal chemical fog blankets the city of Toronto, of a group of people who fall gravely ill, Jane is the only survivor. After regaining consciousness in the hospital, Jane realizes she has no memory of the accident or her past life. As she recovers, she begins to show signs of age reversal. Trying to get to the root of the miraculous medical process, the medical team in the hospital deems her too precious to let go. As memories of the past begin to resurface and the full magnitude of her precarious situation dawns on her, Jane knows she must plan her escape and begin life afresh or risk becoming a scientific specimen for eternity. With an eye for character and emotional and moral ambiguities, Court skillfully weaves Jane’s backstory into the affecting narrative. She portrays both the present and past life of Jane in deft, sure strokes, and her portrayal of Jane’s life from the restlessness of the youth—the experimentation with drugs, rebellious clothing, the intrigues, the sex—to the assurance of maturity—the sure career path, the late romance, a solid marriage, and her relationship with David that she cherishes—is rooted in reality. Likewise, Court captures Jane’s apprehensions about the age reversal and her looming solitary existence with great poignancy, and in doing so she forces the reader to confront the shocking ramifications of genetic modification. In Jane, Court has created a protagonist who is vulnerable and yet resilient at once and who knows how to survive despite the circumstances. The other characters, though do not get much space in the story are equally convincing. She subtly examines the themes of individual struggles, love, marriage, and search for a personal identity in the context of a woman attempting to adjust to her new tragic circumstances. Though, Court’s perceptive portrait of the complex inner life of her protagonist and the way she takes her through conflicts make for an intense read, this is a mystery novel at heart.  The relentless suspense, high tension, and shocking twists and turns make this an ingenious page-turner.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

Summer’s Lie

(Maggie Dunn Books)

By Deborah Court

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Pub date May 17th 2020

ISBN 9798646090509

Price $9.95 (USD) Paperback, $3.30 Kindle edition

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