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The Yellow Cookie Jar by Mary Ellen Campbell



A charming novella that will appeal to every reader…

Campbell’s new novella of family secrets, love, relations, and whimsical elements follows sixteen-year-old Thomas and his ninety-year-old grandfather, Duncan, as they bond over a genealogy project and share a heartbreaking family secret. Duncan’s tale of family secrets merges with his own journey toward gratification, as he makes peace with his past and bonds with his grandson. Campbell’s straightforward narrative is charming and provides an old-world-feel as well as authenticity to the story—she focuses on characters, leaving readers enough room to add their own imagination to the background. The story feels lived in with the fantasy element firmly rooted in reality and will appeal to adults as well as older children.


The Yellow Cookie Jar

by Mary Ellen Campbell

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PUB DATE October 9, 2018

ISBN 9781546248248

PRICE $10.99 (USD)

6 thoughts on “The Yellow Cookie Jar by Mary Ellen Campbell

  1. Thank you so much for the great review. Will this be online for everyone to read? I am hoping that it will be. This could help me promote my book. Could you put this on Amazon? If so I would appreciate it. I can’t thank you enough for the inspiring review.
    As Ever,
    Mary Ellen Campbell

    1. You’re most welcome, Mary. It was a sweet little book:)

      1. Thank you so much

  2. I am so excited you liked it!

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