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The Barkuu: Dawn of a Species by Lauren Wright

A fast-moving, engrossing SF thriller…

Wright combines complex characters, a thrilling survival story, and a deeply realized, unnerving future in her debut. After a mysterious cloud appears in space, enveloping the planet for a day, the great calamity follows with volcanoes erupting, destroying vast cities in their wake. But once the things return to normal, the planet is under the control of an ancient alien race, the Barkuu. The air is scrubbed clean, massive metallic objects are strategically placed throughout the world, and the humanity is forced back into the natural species where they are hunted like animals and treated like livestock. A new society forms from the ashes, will humankind survive? The narrative shifts effortlessly between a large array of intriguing characters as they prepare for the impending catastrophe. Some readers may find the enormously large cast of characters with their intricately elaborated backstories too much to take, but Wright’s crisp prose and swiftly moving narrative ensure readers stay invested until the end. The whole concept of ancient beings from another planet setting forth events that cull humanity and force them back into a natural species and moving in and taking control of Earth is both convincing and executed with perfection. The characters stay for a short while, but Wright excels when it comes to creating the intricate, deeply realized interpersonal dynamic between them. SF readers will applaud the upbeat message about humanity’s survival under dire circumstances. This is a successful mélange of SF thriller, coming-of-age tale, tender love story, individual struggles, environmental commentary, and apocalyptic fable.

The Barkuu: Dawn of a Species

By Lauren Wright

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Pub date April 20, 2020


Price $7.43 (USD) Kindle edition, $17.99 Paperback, $36.30 hardcover

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