Dream Phaze – Germination by Matt Watters

Imaginatively conceived and deftly executed…

Watters spins a dizzying, exhilarating tale of technological wonder, family drama, and political intrigue in this enthralling latest. Dr. Saxon Zynn and his wife Margo have worked for years on Dream Immersion, an immersive interactive technology that allows users to experience both past and future. But with a large group of people, including the Fundamental Purists opposing the launch of the Dream Immersion, Saxon and Margo soon find themselves at a crossroad where they have to pick between their professional obligations and personal preference. A Swiftly paced narrative including short vignettes into the Dream Immersion experience proves seductive, drawing the reader into Saxon’s intriguing world of technological amazement. Watters uses familiar set pieces—advanced virtual reality, techno wonders, moralities and science, protagonists caught up in their personal turmoil, recklessness of the youth, and family drama. The characters are thoroughly developed. Saxon and Margo are the parents the reader can easily relate to. Watters’s concept of Dream Immersion enabling the user to visit the past and future to fulfill their own fantasies is unsettling and thoroughly convincing, and he employs it skillfully to emphasize themes of ethics and moral issues when it comes to technology advancement. Readers looking for a healthy dose of family drama in their science fiction will be enthralled, and those fond of hard-core SF will find an exhilarating story that’s hard to put down. Suffused with a swiftly moving plot and deeply realized characterization, the novel makes for a thoroughly engrossing page-turner.  

Dream Phaze – Germination

By Matt Watters

Red Giant Publication

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Pub date March 23, 2019


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