The Fleeing Company by Kyle McCurry

A story full of adventure, heroism, and magic…

The great evil lord, Vyroun, seeks to dominate the entire world, but a hidden jewel with its magical powers remains out of his grasp in McCurry’s deeply engrossing fantasy, a tale of good against evil. The malevolent lord, Vyroun, is becoming stronger day by day with a large number of followers and allies at his side. Seeking to dictate the whole world, Vyroun needs to get his hand on Night’s Jewel that has the power to control all foul creatures of the night; goblins, trolls, ogres, bats, and imps. But the jewel is with Androgen, a young warrior, who stole it years ago from the goblin chief. When a pack of goblins track Androgen to a hidden village at the base of a mountain, the latter realizes he has put the whole village in danger. Androgen manages to escape with his friends, but their path to safety is filled with malevolent enemies and unforeseen dangers. There’s brotherhood, enduring friendships, shifting loyalties, greed, lust of power, jealousy and treachery. In detailing the tragic tale of Androgen’s loss of his kin at the hands of the goblin chief, McCurry explores the existence of a higher power that watches over us all and one’s search for life path and true purpose. Readers will appreciate the richly descriptive prose and the lavish fantasy world populated with dragons, goblins, trolls, hidden monsters, talking trees and birds, and powerful wizards. McCurry’s narrative is smoothly paced, the writing simple and yet descriptive, and characterization deeply realized. Androgen with his clear conscience, courage, and bravery comes out as a natural hero. In the endearing cast of Caitren, Gleowan, Edelbir, Kattalin, and Vaenn, readers can find their inner reluctant heroes; one part that wants nothing but easy and comfortable life, and another part that immediately perks up at the thought of adventure and journey. The villains are intimidating and thoroughly sinister. McCurry skillfully interweaves the stories of Androgen and his group of friends, along with an intriguing group of secondary characters into the narrative. The precise, flowing prose easily places readers into the fantastic setting and catches them up in the intriguing storyline that has a welcome dosage of realism to it. The novel’s intriguing fantasy world and classical good-versus-evil theme make it appealing to young and old readers alike. With its magical elements, deeply realized characters, strong storytelling, and unleashed forces, the book makes for a must-read for fantasy readers.

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The Fleeing Company

By Kyle McCurry

Atmosphere Press

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Pub date December 1, 2019


Price $0.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $19.99 Paperback

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