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Water Must Fall by Nick Wood

A haunting and provocative novel…

Set in South Africa and the Federated States of America in 2048, Wood’s brilliantly constructed latest examines civilization’s wreckage as climate change brings catastrophes, making water the most precious commodity on Earth. Devastating climate change has turned life upside down on Earth. The shortage of water has made it an extremely scarce commodity on the planet. Water companies play god and determine the fate of millions. The FreeFlow Corporation, a multinational water company, holds infinite power. The privileged ones have means to afford enough water while the general population suffer. In Africa, Graham Mason, a hack journalist, is struggling to come to terms with the changing world and save his marriage to Lizette, who is disgusted by her own privilege as the poor lay suffering and becomes involved with a rebellious group. In Northern California, Arthur Green, a Black American, is fighting a hopeless battle to protect state-controlled water reserves from corporate malpractice. Caught up in a new uprising, Graham, Lizzette, and Arthur come face to face with a common enemy. But will they be able to face the ruthless, powerful corporation by themselves? Wood’s worldbuilding is intricate, and he successfully implements much of what makes an impressive dystopian: cerebral implants, advanced artificial intelligences, groundbreaking technology, rebels, brotherhood, individual sacrifices, and the struggle to find hope in the darkness. While the world Wood builds is evocative, readers will feel overwhelmed by a devastatingly bleak near future marked by perilous climate and international turmoil. The first-person narrative that alternates between Graham, Lizzette, and Arthur is paced smoothly. Wood skillfully interweaves his various protagonists’ individual stories into the intricate, multifaceted plot. His prose is crisp and characterization topnotch. Lizette’s character is created with utmost sympathy and perception. Her hopelessness is balanced with the optimism of her desire to make a change after she finds a chance to collaborate with the Imbali Township Co-op. The story of Lizzette’s marriage with Graham is quiet and poignant, and explores intricacies of marriage and relationship. Arthur is a representative of the Black population in America. Graham is mostly unlikable, though he evokes sympathy in readers hearts, especially in second half of the book. The novel offers gripping, convincing glimpses into a devastating near future, exploring catastrophes induced by climate change and the interrelated advancement of technology, society, and human nature. This thrilling and thought-provoking tale is sure to capture readers’ imaginations.

Water Must Fall

By Nick Wood

NewCon Press

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Pub date April 15, 2020

ISBN 978-1-912950-61-4

Price $16.99 (USD) Paperback, $6.46 Kindle edition

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