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Secrets My Mothers Kept by Rebecca Tucker

An engaging tale of history, love, betrayal, and forgiveness…

In this compelling, heartwarming tale by Tucker, a young woman sets out to find her birth parents. The name, Kaitland Emily Brouchard, in her birth certificate means nothing to Austin Nobel after she applies for a passport to continuous her studies in Paris. Her questions send her to the Office of Vital Records that insists Kaitland Emily Brouchard is her real name. After learning about her adoption, Austin begins to look for her biological family while struggling with the impact this revelation has on her status within the Reform Jewish community. The storyline is seamlessly interwoven with that of the frustration and alienation Austin feels after the revelation. Austin’s conflicted feelings of resentment and anger are explored beautifully as she sets on to look for her biological parents against the wishes of her well-meaning but clueless adoptive family who fail to understand the challenge she is facing after learning about her adoptive status. Tucker is a fine storyteller and she infuses her narrative with a continuous tension, keeping the reader as involved and curious as Austin in her quest of finding her biological parents. Tucker skillfully avoids melodrama and self-pity by grounding her characters in genuine emotion. Austin is a thoroughly likable character, and readers will find it easy to root for her. Austin and Claire’s burgeoning relationship is rooted in reality. The ending is heartwarmingly satisfying, and the novel’s central themes of adoption, forgiveness, and restoration are incorporated quietly along with LGBT issues. Tucker has delivered an evocative, poignant read that lovers of literary fiction won’t want to miss.

Secrets My Mothers Kept

By Rebecca Tucker

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Pub date November 27, 2020


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