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God, Don’t You Care by Chelsey Dollman

Refreshingly unpreachy and theologically accessible…

In this comprehensive, yet simply offered guide, Dollman tackles the mystery of God’s waiting room. Drawing from her own experiences, she discusses the basic aspect of how to keep faith in God’s ways. Dollman says that to put trust and hope in God when one doesn’t know what to do or how to get through the difficult period, it’s essential to understand the balance between worship and faith in God’s will. She challenges Christians to fully commit themselves to God’s service and to have trust in the fact that God is always at work and he will lead one down the path one’s supposed to be on. She also addresses common misconceptions about struggles and the assumption that one must be lacking faith or must have sinned to deserve those struggles. Dollman offers a detailed description of exactly how to be encouraged in hope and “peace of God”. Christian readers will appreciate this insightful dissertation, while non-Christian readers willing to overlook points of disagreement will find enough revelations worth contemplating.

God, Don’t You Care?

Answering the question you didn’t know you asked

by Chelsey Dollman

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Pub date November 14, 2020

ISBN 979-8687360739

Price $5.18 (USD) Paperback

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