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Redefining Normal by Justin Black, Alexis Black

Brutally honest, often sad… A courageous chronicle of abuse, recovery, and success.

This absorbing account by two young authors who, as adolescents, entered state’s fostering system is a gutsy account of fragility, abuse, and redemption. With a childhood marred by drugs, violence, sexual abuse, and poverty, Justin and Alexis didn’t believe they had a future. But instead of accepting defeat, the pair went on to complete their studies and find professional success. They write with striking clarity about their traumatic childhood experiences, including Justin’s periodic long stints in abandoned houses with his siblings to escape the child welfare system, Alexis’s harrowing experience with relentless sexual abuse, the unbelievable cruelties she has to endure, and intimate betrayals she has to suffer. In the end, it was their shared history of trauma that brought them together and shaped their lifelong passion for helping vulnerable youth. This is an achingly sad account, but Readers will be inspired by this courageous story of success in the face of extreme trauma. 

Redefining Normal

By Justin Black, Alexis Black

Global Perspectives Publishing

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Pub date November 9, 2020

ISBN 978-1-7345731-4-5

Price $20 (USD) Paperback, $15 e-book

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