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To the Top of Greenfield Street by Ryan Standley

A well-crafted and emotionally compelling coming of age tale…

Set in 1993 in the sleepy town of Freeport, IL, Standley’s debut is an endearingly emotional journey of a teenager reconciling himself to his new surroundings after a tragedy forces him to move to a new town. 15-year-old Eric Daniel must start over after a fire destroyed their home, forcing his father to relocate them to Freeport. Shy and insecure, Eric manages to make new friends. Full of usual teen shenanigans, the story has an introspective feel to it as Eric constantly struggles with self-doubt and body image issues. Standley’s portrayal of Eric and his other teen characters showcases his profound understanding of usual teenage apprehensions and struggles. The novel’s chief appeal lies in Eric’s well-articulated resilience despite his insecure demeanor. Swift narrative, deeply realized characterization, and tight plotting make this coming of age story irresistible. YA readers will be rewarded.

Note: This title is free on Kindle Unlimited.

To the Top of Greenfield Street

By Ryan Standley

Standley Books

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Pub date August 21, 2020

ISBN 9780578741291

Price $10.75 (USD) Paperback, $0.99 Kindle edition

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