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All His Works: On the Eighth Day by Ainny Klover

Imaginative and suspenseful …

Klover’s suspense thriller follows Alex Bryn, a retired musician who finds himself entangled in his former lover’s murder investigation. As a musician, Alex Bryn had seen his fair share of success, but his music carrier didn’t last long. Making his living working as a music critic for a small magazine, Alex is barely drifting through life. But an unexpected call from Inspector Macpherson of the Specialist Crime Division of Scotland Police turns Alex’s seemingly content life upside down. According to Inspector Macpherson, Clara Diech, Alex’s former lover, has been dead for two weeks. But Alex has seen Clara performing live in a jazz bar in Edinburgh just a week ago. Did the performance really happen or was it just a figment of Alex’s imagination? With his own secrets to hide, Alex must tread his path carefully. Chris Sharpes, Derek R McEwan, and Alex Berry turn in exceptional performances, lending effective voices to different characters without ever over performing. Their narration is apt for Klover’s conventional writing style, skillfully conveying the suspenseful mood of the story. Their pacing and nuances perfectly match the journey Alex takes, complete with the less than obvious motives, the tight plotting, a genuinely surprising twist toward the end, and a positively suspenseful finale that neatly ties all the loose ends. The full recording of singer Hely Tree that sets the stage for the suspenseful storyline gives the novel its atmosphere. Told with suspense, this audiobook does not disappoint.  Lovers of swiftly paced suspense thrillers will be rewarded.

All His Works: On the Eighth Day

By Ainny Klover

Troubador Publishing Limited

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Pub date October 1, 2020

ISBN 9781800467286

Price $11.95 (USD) Audiobook, $5.23 Kindle edition

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