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Dark World: Oblivion (Dark World Saga #2) by A.R. Kingston

An excellent tale of magic, romance, mystery, and the politics of divinity…

Rife with countless plot twists, political intrigue, and passionate romance, Kingston’s second installment in the Dark World Saga takes readers on a darker journey as Alex and Jay return to East Ashland to start life afresh as newlyweds. Alexandra Hamilton’s hopes of beginning a new life in peace and quiet crumble when she realizes that her much-anticipated move to Jay’s hometown of Fall Harbor is not welcomed by the locals. Determined to start afresh, Alex throws herself in the bliss of her new life with Jay. But strange headaches begin to plague Alex as her long-dormant powers awaken and with that the danger of her enemies getting to her becomes too real to ignore. And, if things were not bad enough, Militibus Puritatis, an extremist group determined to eliminate the half-bloods and wipe the entire gray population off the face of Alteria, is waiting for their chance to strike. As Alex tries to make sense of her newly awakened powers, she must get herself ready to face the malevolent extremists, and save the people of the Fall Harbor from falling prey to vicious forces. Through Alex, Jay, and Fiona’s stories, Kingston examines the complex themes of physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence, grief, and trauma, making it a weighty chronicle of a person’s reckoning with their inner turmoil. She nicely juggles the endless twists and new revelations, besides providing spot-on characterizations. Kingston’s delectable Alex is thoroughly alluring, and the numerous perils she must endure are sprinkled with endless challenges. Jay continues to be an intriguing protagonist with a troubled side of his own. Secondary characters—such as the feisty and intense Fiona Walsh, who proves to be more than a true friend to Alex; the darling Gladys, who is as sweet as she is fierce; and the adorable Cosmo with all his worries and protectiveness—are perfectly realized and live easily in Alex’s magical story. The antagonists come out as both sinister and intimidating with a feeling of constant menace around them. The romance between Alex and Jay imbues this riveting fantasy with a deliciously erotic undertone whereas the tight plotting and evocative worldbuilding keep the reader engaged throughout the sprawling narrative. It’s a compelling world filled with intrigue, suspense and fully realized characters, and this, combined with the passionate romance between Alex and Jay and looming threat from Alex’s family, will stoke readers’ fervor for the next installment. Lovers of romance fantasy will be greatly rewarded.

Dark World: Oblivion

By A.R. Kingston

Keen Quill Press

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Pub date September 22, 2020

ISBN 9781734240030

Price $15.99 (USD) Paperback, $0.99 Kindle edition

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