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Book BLURB: The Adventures of Tooten and Ter Series by Chris McCloskey

Meet Colorado’s most sought-after sleuth team – 13-year-old Terrance O’Connell and his sidekick, Tooten, a black, curly-haired dog!

There is no other option but foster care, and Ter is not thrilled to stay with his foster father who happens to be a retired police captain. True, being born into a family of petty criminals has its own drawbacks, but how can Ter adjust to his foster father’s upright manners, leaving his street-smart ways behind? And here is the worst part of all! There’s a little black, curly-haired thing in the house, Captain’s service-in-dog-training Tooten, who wouldn’t leave Ter alone. But a most-sought-after sleuth team with Tooten is the perfect opportunity to practice his street-smart skills within the boundaries of the law. And Tooten is an eager detective.

The Adventures of Tooten and Ter Series

By Chris McCloskey

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