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Repenter: The Hidden Chapters: Players of the Game Book 1.5 by James McGowan

A thrilling ride…

This thoroughly enthralling companion novella to Repenter, the first installment in the Players of the Game series, finds McGowan’s engaging antihero Ashe Stelfire on hunt for a lost adapting blade crafted by Gathiner, God of Invention. Emotions have no place in Ashe Stelfire’s dictionary. First and foremost, he is a fortune hunter. And when it comes to precious Retributor, Ashe would go to any length to learn about its location even if it means bedding the sinister, power-hungry Nirva. But selfish actions do have consequences. Ashe is completely ruthless, but glimpses of his daughter occasionally weighing on his mind makes him thoroughly humane. McGowan’s prose is competent, and his careful construction of character and place keep the reader thoroughly invested. Brutality abounds but camaraderie lightens the mood. This slender and yet full-bodied novella has the sweep and drama of a finely constructed science fantasy. Fans of the earlier book in the series and new readers will find much to enjoy in this highly engrossing dark science fantasy.

Repenter: The Hidden Chapters

Players of the Game Book 1.5

By James McGowan

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