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Chuckles and Smiles by Raven Howell

A rollicking delight…

Award-winning Howell celebrates the power of joy to be found in little ordinary things in her charming latest, a collection of poetry for young children. The poems are rhymed gracefully, with the key words set in uppercase and word form in large fonts evoking the moods (“It made a silly, whistling noise / when I went to bed. / Today it SWUNG the birdhouse / the one we painted red.”). The vocabulary is challenging and natural at once, and the rhythm of each poem varies. Howell’s observations are both insightful and fun: “March” and “Look What happens!” skillfully teaches young children about spring, rain clouds, and rainbow. Readers can easily relate to the hilarious description of trying to eat spaghetti in “Spaghetti” (“Pasta noodles from the pot, / cold sesame or saucy Hot. / Twirled on forks, tied up in knots – / they end up in my lap / A LOT! /). Jordan Wray’s exuberant, dreamlike illustrations romp across the pages, conveying the cheery feelings that make the fantasies soar. With its rollicking poetry and a wealth of visual treats, the book should make it to every young child’s bedside bookshelf. 

Chuckles and Smiles

By Raven Howell

Warren Publishing

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Pub date August 16, 2020

ISBN 9781735091556

Price $9.99 (USD) Paperback, $16.95 Hardcover

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