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Awaken: Beautiful Nightmare (Book Two) by L.C. Son

An arresting tale of love, loss, betrayal, and pain…

Son impresses once again with this engaging follow-up to Beautiful Nightmare, packing the story full of supernatural action and romantic tension. Damina Nicaud is barely out of her month-long slumber after discovering she’s more than human, when the news of her cousin Dacari’s sudden disappearance reaches her. Torn between the love of two men, Damina must navigate the dark supernatural world of the Order of Altrinion, Scourge vampires, Skull wolves, and other supernatural forces as the connection between Decaux’s sinister motive and the reason behind Dacari’s disappearance comes to surface. Son narrates an intense tale with a multifaceted, flesh-and-blood heroine who is wrestling with love, loss, betrayal, and pain. The supernatural world of New Orleans is intensely dark and vibrant at once, and the characters: the handsome, overly-protective Jackson; the enigmatic Dalcour; the malicious Decaux; the fierce yet naive Dacari; Damina’s loving but overprotective aunt Delia, come together to form an unforgettable cast. Damina’s constantly changing relationship with Jackson and Dalcour lends personal interest to the emotionally-charged narrative. It’s amazing to see Son packs so much into a single book as she expands her setting, layering in more mysteries as well as unraveling many secrets. Plenty of shocking twists, most significantly the real reason behind Dacari’s disappearance, pave the way for a surprise ending, making the reader anxious for the next installment. Son dependably delivers fully-realized dark supernatural world filled with intense heroes, intimidating villains, and raw emotions. This is a must-read for lovers of paranormal romance.

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Beautiful Nightmare (Book Two)

By L.C. Son

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Pub date August 10, 2020


Price $2.00 (USD) Kindle edition, $22.95 Paperback

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