Ida and the Whale by Rebecca Gugger


A beautiful story with fabulous illustrations that will be sure to stimulate little inquisitive minds…

Ida is a little, curious girl who lives in a pretty tree house and often wonders about magnanimity of the universe. One night, a flying whale visits Ida and asks her to go on an adventurous trip to faraway lands. Ida who’s always curious about what lies beyond the sun, the moon, and the stars happily accompanies her new friend and travels to faraway destinations to explore the magical universe. On the way, Ida feels lonely, but her friend teaches her to relish the blissful solitude of her own company. Ida gets a few answers to her earlier questions and is left with countless new questions to ponder upon after they return. The book is a read along and is apt for small children; babies. It is heavy on illustrations. But it wouldn’t disappoint older children: toddlers can learn about pollination, formation of storms, and similar things. Children will also learn about friendship and value of relishing solitude. The illustrations are of magical quality; they are stunning and would create a sense of wonder in little ones’ minds. This is an inquisitive; the book is perfect to arise further curiosity of young mind; the children will be prompted to ask more questions as they read it along. A beautiful story with fabulous illustrations that will stimulate little inquisitive minds.


Ida and the Whale

by Rebecca Gugger & illustrated by

 Simon Rothlisberger 

NorthSouth Books
Pub Date 2 April, 2019
Age Range: 1-4
ISBN: 9780735843417
PRICE:  $17.95 (USD)

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