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Don’t Give Up on Me (Otter Bay, Maine #1) by Jodi Artzberger

A taut, compelling tale of forgiveness, redemption, and resiliency of everlasting love…

Artzberger’s fascinating outing focuses on the power of God’s love and redemption when forgiveness is hard to find as two estranged lovers confront their own desires and limitations. Cragge Automotive Group’s heiress Amanda Cragge’s life gets flipped upside down when a brutal attack leaves her near-dead, and Ryker Scott, the only man she’s ever loved, finds her. Eight years earlier, Ryker left without any explanation. Determined to forget Ryker, Amanda has moved on in life. But with the threat still looming nearby, Amanda is forced to accept Ryker’s help. And Ryker has never stopped loving the girl he grew up with. Trying to amend his past mistakes, Ryker steadily attempts to work past Amanda’s emotional walls, seeking her forgiveness. But forgiveness is not easy to come for Amanda as the scar Ryker left in her heart is too deep to heal. Amanda’s seemingly tranquil life quickly turns into a roiling turmoil. Will she find it in heart to forgive and accept him or will their future be destroyed forever? Artzberger’s skill at depicting the intricacies of relationships, the tension and intrigue of a swiftly paced romantic suspense, and vividly sketched characters rooted in reality makes this book both charming and inviting. The narrative moves at a fast pace with plenty of twists and turns and high suspense in the back, but the heart of the story lies in Amanda and Ryker’s love story. After Ryker leaves without any explanation, destroying their beautiful relation, Amanda has stopped relying on her faith, questioning God’s love. Artzberger beautifully conveys Amanda’s inner turmoil as she struggles with her past trauma. The story takes several turns as Amanda swirls through heartache and emotional trauma on her way to an acceptance of Ryker’s newfound presence in her life as his savior. Artzberger has skillfully portrayed Ryker’s guilt, regret, protectiveness, and helplessness as he watches Amanda hardened with hurt and grief. Without igniting any melodrama, Artzberger brilliantly captures the complicated nuances of a relationship. Christian readers will enjoy seeing the spiritual growth in Ryker’s character as he chooses to lean into his faith to find peace when dealing with his personal strains become unbearable for him. Artzberger has delivered a touching, emotional tale about the strength of faith and redemption. Fans of contemporary Christian fiction will devour this spectacular, powerful read.

Don’t Give Up on Me

(Otter Bay, Maine #1)

By Jodi Artzberger

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Pub date August 23, 2019


Price $4.10 (USD0 Kindle edition, $11.99 Paperback

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