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Repenter: Players of the Game Book 1 by James McGowan

An adrenaline-packed blend of dark fantasy and technology…

McGowan brings raw emotion, a larger-than-life antihero, and a rich stew of bloodshed and mayhem in this testosterone-charged first installment in the Players of the Game series. The ruthless pyromancer Ashe Stelfire has spent his life staying indifferent to others’ feelings. The only thing that matters for him is his own needs. But when the thoroughly crooked manipulator Corsis orchestrates the theft of A Pox, a vial containing an intelligent germ weapon, Avril, Ashe’s long-lost daughter, returns to Ashe seeking his help. The merciless pyromancer has no option but to get out of his comfort zone. Packed with nearly nonstop action and darkly atmospheric settings, the narrative moves at a lightening speed. The novel becomes more relevant with the major conflict in the story speaking to the heart of current pandemic crisis, as Avril, Eric, and Ashe fight to save the world from the sentient virus that once infected two trillion beings in the Marco Worlds. A sense of menace and looming darkness accompanies Nirva Silv who makes for a sinister antagonist. The greatly-tortured, ruthless Ashe serves as a perfect foil to Nirva Silv’s evil machinations. Svithe and Corsis as wholly corrupt villains awaken the feelings of repulsion in readers’ minds. McGowan’s writing is assured, and the thoroughly dark atmospheric setting brings this fascinating urban fantasy into sharp focus. With its enthralling blend of larger-than-life protagonists, imaginative premise, and nonstop action, the book makes for a page-turner. This is a one hell of trip with many delights along the way.


Players of the Game Book 1

By James McGowan

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Pub date August 1, 2020


Price $4.03 (USD) Kindle edition, $9.99 Paperback

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