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She Runs With Wolves (The Pogrom War #1) by Kimberly T. Hennessy

An enthralling debut…

In this compelling dystopian, first in The Pogrom War series, Hennessy seamlessly blends fantasy and artificial intelligence to narrate the complex story of a young woman’s journey to freedom and self-discovery. The fierce Eira is determined to escape the clutches of the malevolent king Lorcan and fulfill an old prophecy told about her unborn child. As mystic forces join her in the battle for the dominion of the frozen wasteland, she must confront her inner fears and face the powerful enemy. Without slipping into melodrama, Hennessy’s assured prose skillfully conveys her protagonists’ inner turmoil, offering readers plenty to contemplate. Strong dystopian worldbuilding alternates with intrigue-filled action scenes, and the tight plotting and thorough characterization ensure readers stay invested in the story.  Eira’s struggles as she longs for an unrestrained future are both convincing and poignant. Ylva makes for a memorable character. Engrossing and emotionally resonant, the novel will appeal to fans of finely constructed dystopian fiction. 

She Runs With Wolves

(The Pogrom War #1)

By Kimberly T. Hennessy

The DeerArrow Company

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Pub date October 1, 2020


Price $3.06 (USD) Kindle edition

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