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Faces: A Love Story by Roger Hutchison

With its stunning illustrations and lyrical text, the book makes for a page-turner…

Told in lyrical verse and accompanied by visually arresting, full-color face illustrations, Hutchison’s inspirational latest beautifully explores diversity, humanity, and faith. Hutchison begins the book with God’s powerful, memorable voice as he writes: “I am the painter of stories and dreams./ I am the Artist of all that is./ Of you,” and takes the reader on an exhilarating journey through a series of eloquent and originally crafted face vignettes of people we might see in our neighborhood, in the office or school, in the grocery store, on the playground, or on the street that remind us of our diversity and reflect images of God. He explores people’s inner fears: “We are separated by all of our assumptions,/ preconceptions/ misunderstandings,/ even a pandemic of fear./ So much mistrust.” And even though fear is there, we wish to be surrounded by others, Hutchison contends. He urges readers to face their fear because when fear is conquered, we don’t just endure the experience, we become new beings. The expressions on different faces are sketched with skill; the wear and tear of a life scarred by highs and lows are underscored with dark shades, while moments of happiness and contentment are filled with warm strokes. Hutchison captures the magic of creation as he writes: “Can you fathom how much I love you—/ your Creator/ the I AM/ the Alpha/ the Omega?” The last part of book conveys message about hope and faith, encouraging readers to believe in the existence of God. His use of direct prose to convey his message makes it reassuring for young readers: he writes, “I will never leave you./ I am always here./ I created you and I love you./ Nothing will ever separate us.” A charming, childlike quality infuses the original elegant artwork; boldly hued full-color illustrations feature people from different races, religion, and color. The text and pictures make beautiful music together, and like God’s vast creations in nature, this composition is irresistible. Hutchison’s story not only encourages young readers to revel in diversity and humanity but also speaks boldly to the grip of fear and insecurities and how to get over it. This is a lovely way to introduces young children to the concept of diversity, faith, and religion. Impressive with its bold, personality-laden colorful illustrations, the tale will charm both newly independent readers and their elders.

Faces: A Love Story

By Roger Hutchison

Paraclete Press

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Pub date January 26, 2021

ISBN 978-1640606371

Price $18.00 (USD) Hardcover

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