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Ghouls and Alchemy (An Amethyst Hunter Story) by Amy B. Nixon

A flawlessly crafted tale…

Nixon drives the danger to dizzying heights in this swiftly paced urban fantasy featuring an Amethyst Hunter. Nathan Holloway was turned into an Amethyst Hunter after his death in 1945 during the second World War while serving with the Marine Division at the battle of Iwo Jima. But mortality for him comes at a price: he is addicted to nucleosynthetic plasma serum, the serum that keeps his Materia Prima—the quintessence of every living organism—strong. When news of a powerful necromancer evoking Draugars from dead arrives at Nexus headquarter, Nathan is assigned to capture the lethal enemy. In a story chock-full of paranormal creatures, magical souls, and scientifically created beings, Nathan as the Amethyst Hunter stands out on his own. Vivid characterization, terrific action scenes, and lightning-fast narrative combine for a heady brew of ancient alchemy, futuristic science fiction and mythological fantasy in this slender volume.

Ghouls And Alchemy

(An Amethyst Hunter Story)

By Amy B. Nixon

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Pub date July 21, 2020


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