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Those Who Watch From Afar by Zack Hacker

A fascinating coming-of-age fantasy…

Bestseller Hacker’s thrilling first installment in the Magic’s Erosion series tells the coming-of-age story of a young elf looking to find her place in the world. It was Petra’s curiosity that forced her to cross the threshold of Luxyndell, the powerful Elf kingdom shielded from the outer world by strong magic, and venture into the human world. But falling in love with a human made her a rebel. Now Petra is not only standing against the powerful Luxyndell High Council but also her own mother Olezana Viarellna. Crafted with imagination and skill, the elf kingdom of Luxyndell is a multilayered, fascinating world. Hacker does an excellent job of propelling Petra’s quest along while at the same time venturing into the backstory of Olezana and other Mithryndors’s daring escapade from Reiol Tir and the High Council’s establishment. Hardcore fantasy buffs will find this intricate web of action and intrigue highly engrossing. This promising start to the series makes for a page-turner.

Those Who Watch From Afar

By Zack Hacker

Pub date April, 2021

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