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A Nest for Lalita by Ken Langer

A compelling tale…

The perilous world of modern-day Indian politics: creation of a Hindutva nation, disruptive politics, and the banned rituals of British-ruled India such as sati mark Langer’s engrossing novel. Meena Kaul, director of a women’s shelter Behera House, is forced to accept funding for a newer, larger campus from the right-wing Hindu Democratic Party after sudden economic downturn thwarts her attempts at obtaining capital elsewhere. As Meena and Simon Bliss, the American architect commissioned to design the new building, struggle to keep the shelter free from HDP’s toxic ideology, they become target of the powerful enemies. Langer is excellent at evoking character and sense of place, and he beautifully sketches the disruption of his characters’ lives and their gradual dissolution brought on by the tumultuous politics and regressive social structure. Langer’s touch on too many social and political issues hampers the flow of the story, but his observations remain accurate, and his prose evocative. This is a must-read.

A Nest for Lalita

By Ken Langer

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Dryad Press

Pub date October 25, 2020

ISBN 978-1928755555

Price $17.95 (USD) paperback

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