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The Man Who Married Death by Amy Langevin

the man who married death

Gloriously dark…

Langevin’s engrossing narrative poetry captures its depressive protagonist’s tortured reckoning with Death. Langevin uses the supernatural to take the reader through twenty-eight-year-old Zylen LaRocque’s descent into insanity as he pines for the fathomless love of Death. The darkness seeps into the narrative in the very beginning: In “Death’s Affair” Langevin writes” “I’m whirling her around by her neck,/ Smashing her legs into the sheet of rock rising behind the waterfall/ Until they spew blood, their bones crack and pierce flesh”. “Insomnia” conveys the protagonist’s own personal hell. Langevin explores despondency as the ultimate manifestation of beauty in “Lucritia,” “Niobe,” and “Lilah”. The use of blank verse to recount the protagonist’s plunge into a whirlwind of killing and mania adds to the intrigue. Themes of graphic violence, bloodshed, rape, and suicide mark this unsuitable for the faint of heart. Lanevin’s vision of a maniac killer’s journey through a frenzy of serial killings makes this a treat for lovers of blood and gore.

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The Man Who Married Death

By Amy Langevin

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Pub date October 26, 2017

ISBN 978-1973128755

Price $8.00 (USD) Paperback, $2.99 Kindle edition

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