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Shaina’s World: My Family and Autism by Sharice Rascoe


A stirring, compelling tale…

Rascoe’s 13-year-old protagonist charms readers with her sincerity as she struggles to find a sense of normalcy and order in her life. Life at home has become a real challenge for Shaina, the second-oldest of her three siblings; there’s never a normal family time, and her mom puts her in charge of her younger autistic brothers more often than she would like. Scared of her friends’ reaction to her having two autistic siblings, Shaina hasn’t told them about their condition. Unable to deal with the pressure of having special-need siblings, the teenager is at the brink of despair, but a trip to a new school helps her to look at things with a new perspective. Rascoe’s characters are sketched with conviction and understanding: Shaina as a teen girl with autistic siblings is realistic, and her alternate feelings of resentment and affection for her brothers are conveyed with perception and understanding. The narrative is smoothly paced, and the accompanied drawings beautifully bring out the characters’ feelings. Rascoe’s prose is simple and yet touching as she explores the challenges Shaina and her family face throughout. This moving tale will inspire readers to understand the perspective of others. This is a must-read.


Shaina’s World: My Family and Autism

By Sharice Rascoe

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Pub date April 28, 2020

ISBN 9780578655871

Price $13.50 (USD) Paperback, $7.51 Kindle edition

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