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When Darkness Descends (The Relevation Trilogy Book 1) by G.W. Lücke

when darkness descends

Absolutely brilliant…

In Lücke’s marvelous first volume of the high fantasy saga The Relevation Trilogy, a young man crippled by guilt and anxiety finds himself transported from Earth to a shadowy land of dark magic and becomes entangled in a brutal war between two powerful enemies. It’s been years since Tom Anderson witnessed his beloved grandmother Jean’s murder at the hands of a mysterious stranger. Guilt-ridden and anxious, Tom is offered a chance at redemption when dark magic transports him to the shadowy land of Enthilen. With the help of Grin, a giant stone-grell, Tom sets on to hunt for his grandmother’s killer, but instead becomes entangled in the ongoing battle between Ersturmen rulers and Dobunni rebels for control of Enthilen. Meanwhile, a cruel, exiled ruler Malphas wants Tom for his own ulterior motive. Trying to evade the malevolent enemy, Tom must find Jean’s killer before the time runs out. Lücke avoids the usual genre tropes of fantasy, creating a new and unique set of magical creatures: grells and mouldewerps among others, and the complexity of his varied cast of characters and the layered narrative that delves deeper into his characters’ insecurities, fears, desires, and passions make this story of love, loss, and redemption all the more meaningful. The exquisitely created fantasy world of Enthilen, and a horde of twists and turns as Tom and Grin are put against a set of formidable enemies keep the pages flying. Lücke strikes a perfect balance between stunning worldbuilding and layered narrative as his hero struggles against powerful enemies while on a journey of self-discovery. Lücke is a writer to watch for.


When Darkness Descends

(The Relevation Trilogy Book 1)

By G.W. Lücke

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Distinction Consultants

Pub date July 14, 2020

ISBN 9780648820710

Price $19.99 (USD) Paperback edition, $4.40 Kindle edition

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