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Broken Melody by Nikki Haase

broken melody

A riveting tale…

Haase’s hard-hitting YA introduces 18-year-old Alana who takes readers on her journey from a straight A student to becoming a drug addict, and ultimately a drug dealer. Alana has everything a teenager wants: a stable home, close friends, and a partner who loves her to the core. But the pull of a constant high throws her into the world of alcohol and drugs. Unable to control her addictions, Alana gradually sets on a path of self-destruction, alienating everyone who cares. Haase expertly portrays not only Alana’s mental afflictions and her inability to let go of her addictions but also the consuming, disturbing world the latter lives in. Told in a first-person narrative in Alana’s voice, Haase expertly weaves a tale of the gradual disintegration of a drug addict’s mind, and eventually life. This is a raw exploration of substance abuse, friendship and forgiveness.


Broken Melody

By Nikki Haase

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Pub date July 19, 2020


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