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The Good Book: Charms and Rituals of Frewyn by Michelle Franklin

the good book

Fascinatingly original and intriguing…

Set in one of the kingdoms of her fantasy series, Franklin’s captivating book (companion to her fantasy world) is intended to provide the background about the customs of the southernmost country. When it comes to religion, particularly the religious spirt of the Frewyns, the spiritually indifferent Frewyn and the oppressively devout Gallesians are unable to see eye to eye. It’s up to Baronous Hodge, a Marridonian historian, to present the fascinating culture of the kingdom with accuracy and objectivity. Franklin endearingly introduces the Frewyn culture, highlighting their covert secularism where observing religious idiosyncrasies is more of a tradition than a holy practice. A fascinating introduction in the voice of Baronous provides backdrop, while the charms and rituals of the Gods show mini-narratives, and the herbal remedies offer the art of healing. The Frewyns with their strange atheism and the sense of accepting divinity without needing to do anything about it will make readers eager to read the series set in the kingdom.


The Good Book: Charms and Rituals of Frewyn

By Michelle Franklin

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Pub date June 8, 2020

ISBN 979-8652387471

Price $13.99 (USD) Paperback, $4.93 Kindle edition

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