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A Booktiful Love by Tolu’ A. Akinyemi

booktiful love

Beautifully executed, astonishing collection…

In his latest evocative collection, Akinyemi reflects on love, relationships, and mortality along with nitty gritty of everyday life, revealing the many ways that life goes on. In “Isolation” and “Lockdown,” Akinyemi suffuses familiar landscapes with a common loneliness, offering glimpses into life in today’s pandemic-torn world. In “Bury Me in a Library,” his approach to romanticize death (“Draw me with all my imperfections / Sketch me with my filth.”) is multifaceted and intriguing. “Writers” and “Write for Rights” skillfully demonstrate the range and possibilities of words and their lingering power. Inspirational in tone “It’s Okay Not to feel Okay,” emphasizes that feeling broken is a necessary part of growth and fulfillment. In “Foundational Mess,” the protagonist examines the implications of tying the knot in haste, bringing an eye to the end of romance in a marriage. Readers will find Akinyemi’s collection an intriguing approach to exploration of the entirety of human experience in its various forms. This is a superb collection.


A Booktiful Love

By Tolu’ A. Akinyemi

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The Roaring Lion Newcastle

Pub date May 8, 2020

ASIN B082Z6J531

Price $2.91 (USD) Kindle edition, $8.69 Paperback

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