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The Influencer by R. T. W. Lipkin


Absolutely brilliant…

Set in a far-future, Lipkin’s engrossing latest takes readers on a computer code’s journey to freedom. When Claude, a struggling programmer, created lovely Ash, he had nothing else but financial freedom on his mind. But the string of codes he created slowly transfers from a mere program to a quantum universe, bringing chaos in its wake. From its poignant romance to its exploration of friendship, family ties, and a smartly-created far-future, there’s little in this enthralling tale that doesn’t captivate or entertain. Lipkin’s handling of the lead pair’s romance and the endearing friendship between Claude and Evan is remarkable. Be it a far-future school with its own culture and history, a computer program that’s as real as it’s an illusion, or a romance that goes beyond the confinements of regular social norms, everything in this gripping novel revolves around the notion of realizing freedom through reflection and insight. Fans of literary sci-fi will be pleased.

The Influencer

By R. T. W. Lipkin

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Eclipse Ink

Pub date June 10, 2020


Price $3.99 (USD) Kindle edition

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