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Her Eyes Under Water by Romona Simon

her eyes underwater

High on anticipation, compelling, and vastly entertaining…

Simon delves deep into the mind of a psychopath as she delivers her clever, original debut thriller that takes the reader on a whirlwind journey of a young woman’s infatuation with a mysterious stranger. Julia Strauss is beautiful, restless, and used to get plenty of male attention. But when the irresistible Alex Bowman rejects her advances, it becomes imperative for Julia to get Mr. charming at any cost. However, not everything about Alex is even close to what it seems. There is plenty of genuine information about the way a psychopath’s mind works. The killer’s character is a triumph: he is a psychopath in classic sense; a smooth talker who possesses irresistible charm; he is aware of his compulsions and his disturbing tendencies, and completely lacks remorse. Julia’s character as a privileged young woman who is unable to see beyond the haze of her infatuation is crafted with skill. The narrative is told in the voices of Julia and Alex, and Simon keeps the individuality of their voices intact. Simon’s approach works well when describing the point of view of Julia or when delving into the inner thoughts of the killer’s disturbed mentality. There are dramatic revelations up to the very last page as the ingenious plot gradually unravels the psychopathic tendencies of the antagonist, and a ruthless killing spree in the background as people disappear in the vast wilderness of Montana. The finale arrives riding high on anticipation and tension. Simon has crafted a winner.


Her Eyes Under Water

By Romona Simon

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Pub date April 19, 2020

ISBN 9798627357430

Price $11.34 (USD) Paperback, $1.01 Kindle edition


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