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The Split by Sharon J. Bolton

the split

A spine-tingler…

Trying to run from her stalker, British glaciologist Felicity Lloyd accepts a two-year contract at the British Antarctic Survey’s base on South Georgia Island. With a big chunk of her past and present memories missing, Felicity’s departure gets her psychologist Joe Grant concerned. When DI Delilah Jones, Joe’s mother, begins to find a connection between the deaths of a couple of homeless in the city to Felicity’s blackouts, Joe has no option but to accompany his mother and leave for the Antarctic island. But piecing together Felicity’s troubled past is not as easy as it seems. Meticulous research and intriguing facts of Antarctic life are not the only highlights of this deeply chilling thriller: Bolton’s characterization is topnotch and her narrative heavily layered. Though executed well, the intricate plot with its complex character histories and multiple narrative leave the reader struggling to get the gist of story initially. However, the fans of the intricate psychological thrillers will be rewarded.


The Split

by Sharon J. Bolton

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Minotaur Books

Pub date April 28, 2020

ISBN 9781250300058

Price $18.99


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