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The Perfect Couple by Jackie Kabler

the perfect couple
A thoroughly engrossing thriller…
Kabler’s insubstantial yet entertaining thriller tells the story of a woman whose husband goes missing soon after moving to a new city. Gemma and Danny, the happily married couple, have just moved to Bristol to start afresh. When Gemma returns home from a work trip, she is surprised to find Danny gone. After two days, the distraught Gemma approaches the police to report her husband missing. The police’s involvement uncovers a shocking revelation: Danny is the spitting image of two men in the area who have recently become victims of a serial killer. Though Kabler doesn’t delve deep into her characters, the solid plot provides plenty of tension as the police start investigating Danny’s disappearance and unravel discrepancies in Gemma’s story. Though the ending doesn’t live up to the earlier hype, the book is sure to please domestic thriller fans.

The Perfect Couple

By Jackie Kabler

Harper Impulse and Killer Reads

Pub date April 17, 2020

ISBN 9780008328429

PRICE $9.99 (AUD)

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