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Big Green Country by Frances Rivetti

big green country

Deeply moving, highly engrossing…

Two young women’s trials of physical and mental abuse in Northern California’s infamous emerald Triangle makes the heart of Rivetti’s searing debut. When Mia and Jazmin left their homes to take seasonal jobs as trimmigrants in Northern California’s Sonoma County to earn some extra cash, they had no idea the short escapade would change their lives forever. Though violence, sexual abuse, and the illegal marijuana industry of Sonoma County form the central theme of the novel, subplots of Maggie and Bridget’s lives and their sisterly bonds along with issues of relationships, lasting friendship, and enduring family ties illuminate the story further. Rivetti’s research is meticulous, the writing assured, and prose crisp. She portrays Jazmin and Mia with understanding and empathy, making the reader root for the flawed but courageous teens as they prevail their personal traumas through sheer will and resilience. A must read.


Big Green Country

by Frances Rivetti

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Fog Valley Press

Pub date November 29, 2019


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