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Daddygasm: A reality-fiction by Frost Grenwald


Brutally honest and funny…

In this hilarious, witty journey through online dating, a family man tries to deal with his sexual urges as mid-life crisis hits him hard. After almost two decades of togetherness and thirteen years of marriage, 38-year-old Frost finds his relationship a drag with his wife becoming indifferent to his sexual advances. Meeting young women through online dating seems like a good idea until Frost finds himself entangled in a troubled young woman’s emotional and financial woes. When everything seems to be going haywire, a ray of hope arrives in the form of the couple’s marriage getting a second chance. While Grenwald’s fast-paced narrative is tinged with wit and sarcasm, his online exploits are thoroughly entertaining, and the graphic descriptions of the scenes of love-making add to the hot quotient of the story. Some story elements are glossed over (Grenwald admits that himself in endnotes), but the account of his online misadventures is genuinely honest and candid. His description of troubled young women looking to ease their financial burdens through online dating are familiar to anyone who’s tried exploring the digital world of dating and fallen prey to financial scams. Although Frost’s young kids are barely present, they bring both light and freshness to the story. His wife’s forgiving personality will have readers root hard for her to find happiness and stability in her life. This smooth reality-fiction tale will resonate with readers looking for a light, erotic read.


Daddygasm: A reality-fiction

By Frost Grenwald

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Pub date July 12, 2019

ISBN 9781079137828

Price $11.99 (USD) Kindle edition, $6.79 Paperback


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