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Vengeance of Grimbald: Book II of the Alchimeia by Richard Hacker

Vengance of grimbald


A rollicking time travel adventure…

An intelligent blend of science fiction and history, Hacker’s action-packed sequel in the Alchimeia series takes readers on a thrilling journey across centuries as members of the alchemist organization pursue a deadly enemy to save the world from ultimate destruction. Cuthbert Grimbald, known as Kairos, is back again, this time with the vengeance on his mind and a plan to destroy the League, a secret alchemist society of Inkers who protect the time continuum, and acquire the Alchimeia, the Holy Grail of inking alchemy written by Tobias Faryndon — the book that contains secrets of alchemy. Grimbald wants to take control of the reality through the knowledge stored in the Alchimeia. Grimbald’s success means only one thing: chaos for the world. In a desperate attempt to save the world from destruction, Addison and Jules, members of the League, set on to pursue Grimbald through time and death across centuries as he leaves a path of death and ruin in his wake. Hacker effortlessly shifts the narrative from the present to the past and vice versa, keeping the reader thoroughly invested in the story. While the old protagonists take the story forward, new intriguing characters from diverse backgrounds make their entry, bringing refreshing pairing to the story. Although the narrative is heavy on time travel, history buffs will find themselves immersed in the minutiae of the medieval period every time the characters ink to the past. The novel’s atmospheric setting and bizarre happenings (especially inking and die back) deliver extra intrigue while Addison’s struggles with his personal issues and his inability to leave the past behind provide necessary emotional quotient to this science fiction tale. Hacker, keeping tension high, gradually reveals the backstories of the League, Tobias Faryndon, and Grimbald, detailing how the League came to be established. While Addison, with his confusing personality and emotional baggage, has the tendency to get on readers’ nerves, Jules with her feistiness and single-mindedness leaves a fair impression. Grimbald, a thorough antagonist, is intimidating in demeanor and cruel in his dealings. Hacker writes with authority and assurance and makes the carrying out of the time travel adventures of the League members across centuries both believable and thrilling. The novel can be read as a standalone, but readers will be wise to read the series in order to grasp the concept of die back better. Fans of time travel science fiction will be greatly pleased. Highly recommended!

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Vengeance of Grimbald

Book II of the Alchimeia

By Richard Hacker

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Del Sol Press

Pub date January 20, 2020


Price $2.97 (USD) Kindle edition


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