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The Lost Train (Will Stattin Thriller Series 1) by Seth Crossman

the lost train

An exhilarating roller-coaster ride…
The rumors of a train laden with gold hidden somewhere in the aftermath of World War II provides the backdrop for Crossman’s gripping, heart-pumping action thriller. Will Stattin, a former MP and the son of a famous archaeologist, is recruited by a prestigious art collector in Italy to track down a series of nine paintings that reveal the location of the lost train and its legendary wealth. But the hunt for the lost train soon becomes a deadly game, forcing Will to elude various teams of killers and lethal traps. Crossman’s quick pace, thorough characterization, and swift narrative keep readers guessing until the satisfying conclusion. An array of shocking twists adds to the complexity of the dizzying plot. Crossman knows what action thrillers fans want and delivers accordingly. Fans of fast-paced action thrillers will be rewarded.

The Lost Train

Will Stattin Thriller Series 1

by Seth Crossman

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Golden Acorn Press

Pub date February 20, 2020

ISBN 9780980192155

Price $14.99 (USD)

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