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THAT DOG DON’T BARK by Aaron D. McClelland


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A gritty thriller…

A love story at heart, McClelland’s That Dog Don’t Bark is skillfully rendered wanderings of a teenager couple through the underworld of East Vancouver. Jackie and Angel, small-time crooks, finds themselves in the path of a dangerous international sex trafficking gang, after one of Angel’s friends is lured by the gang leaders with the promise of drugs and money and pushed into prostitution. They either can run, leave the city, and build a new home somewhere else or stay put and face their powerful enemies. The choice is entirely their own. McClelland’s prose is crisp and the pace fast as he painstakingly and skillfully builds his plot around diverse characters, back stories, various money heists and scams, and the highs of the underworld life while keeping the romance between his lead pair at the center of the story. The genius of the story, however, lies in McClelland’s ability to keep the young couple’s romance fresh and soulful despite plenty of graphic scenes of sex and violence. McClelland portrays Jackie and Angel’s story in a poignant manner while penning down an adrenalin-filled, dangerous, score-to-score life of the organized crime gang members for whom car thefts, hijacking, furniture heists and other ordinary scams, weed smuggling, and many other hustles and schemes are as workaday as the nine-to-five at any regular white-collar job. This is as much a love story as it is a fascinating account of organized crime in the streets of Vancouver as a way of life. Fans of gritty crime drama will be pleased.



by Aaron D. McClelland

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Pub date May 15, 2019


Price $3.08 (USD) Kindle edition, $10.99 (USD) Paperback



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